St Francis of Assisi - Llay

Christ the King - Rossett

Llay-Rossett Parish Wrexham, North Wales

Christmas Gifts for the Poor  Clare Sisters  in Hawarden


By now, many of you will know that our Poor Clare Sisters are leaving our Diocese in 2018 after a presence of 90 years.  For those of us who have come to know them, this is a difficult time; and for the Diocese it is a great loss.  The following extract from their recent Carol Service may help us to understand  “As children, some of us were blest to be able to look forward to opening presents, and some of us were told that they came from the Christchild, or were brought by St Nicolas .  We give gifts to be part of God’s Christmas party in joyful remembrance of the Father’s gift of his Son to change our lives by healing them and making them eternal. If I give you something, it is no longer mine.  That is the nature of a gift.  We don’t make loans at Christmas (I’m lending you my IPod until Twelfth Night!).  The Word became flesh and he is still with us. There is an element of Robin Hood in all of us, if we give anything away, it can only be the riches that God has given us, and we, your little sisters, all keep discovering that “sell what you have and give it to the poor”, is not something that happens once in your life, when you take your vows; it keeps on happening.  In order to keep running to the call, “Come follow me” it sometimes means we all have to leave a lot behind.”


Whilst the Monastery will be stripped and the contents moved to Bulwell, sold or otherwise distributed, the Sisters will also take their few personal possessions. After speaking with Mother Damian, it was clear that what would be most welcome is a small packing box (not a crate) for each Sister. The boxes which fit the bill are  on display at the rear of the Church.


if you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of these Christmas boxes, we will collect next week only , Sunday 17 December. The gifts will be wrapped with the Sister’s name on it and taken to the monastery in time for Christmas morning.

Christmas 2017 Notices

First Mass of Christmas 2017

Sunday 24th December, 6pm

St Francis of Assisi, Llay


Our First Mass of Christmas 2017, is at 6pm on Sunday 24th December in St Francis of Assisi, Llay.  Carols will be sung from 5.30pm onwards.


Following on from the wonderful support of our First Mass of Christmas last year, we wish this year to extend the involvement of our children in our  celebration.


Children are welcome to come to Mass dressed as a traditional character from the Nativity, the choice being taken from: Joseph, Mary, Angel, King, Shepherd, or Innkeeper.


All children who wish to, will process from the hall to the manger  with our  parish priest. The children will witness the placing of the baby Jesus into the crib and the blessing of the crib.

Our young people will proclaim the Word at the Liturgy of the Word, and announce the Prayers of the Faithful after the Creed.

The children will also present the gifts (of which we have a number) at The Offertory.

If your child would like to be involved please give your contact details by Friday 15 December to one of the following

Parish Office: 01978 852297 or



“Come, come, come to the manger, children come to the children’s King:

sing, sing chorus of Angels,  stars of morning o’er Bethlehem sing.

Our Christmas Masses

Christmas Eve (Sunday)

6pm in Llay with Carols from 5.30pm

Please see the bulletin extra which gives a lot more details about this Mass.  A must read for those with young children.

No Midnight Mass

Christmas Day (Monday):

9.00am in Rossett

11.00am Llay

St Stephen’s Day (Tuesday)

9.30am in Llay

Parish Christmas Carol Service: Thursday 28th December at 2.30pm in Llay.  A traditional combination of music and readings. Light refreshments will be served in the hall afterwards.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing


Thursday 28 December 2017 2.30pm St Francis of Assisi


Now in our third year and rapidly gaining popularity, we once again come   together on the 4th day of Christmas to celebrate the great Feast of Christmas with a traditional service of Carols, music and readings telling the Christmas Story and joining the angels in their songs of Joy to the World.    A service for all the parish family, young and not so young.  Singers and non singers alike.  And when we are through singing our hearts out,  seasonal light refreshments will be served in the hall.


This year, we are looking for more children to become involved in doing the readings so again, if your child would like to do something, please let us know.


Don’t be one of those who goes to bed on Christmas Night thanking God that’s it all over for another year! - Christmas has only just begun!


Come and share the Joy of Christmas and adore at Our Saviours Birth.  Whilst  everything around us may seem dark and uncertain—We know that Jesus is the light  and we can totally trust in Him—that’s a certainty!