St Francis of Assisi - Llay

Christ the King - Rossett

Llay-Rossett Parish Wrexham, North Wales

You will find on this page information or links to information for this Parish. From AGM or PAC minutes or agenda PDF’s .

AGM minutes - 18/9/2011, 30/9/2012, 15/9/2013, 29/9/14, 20/9/15, 17/9/17

AGM Report - 12/9/2010, 18/9/2011, 15/09/13, 20/11/14, 18/9/16

PAC  minutes - 14/10/10, 3/3/2011, 11/06/11, 17/11/11, 23/02/12, 21/06/12, 14/11/13, 06/03/14, 03/07/14, 20/11/14, 12/2/15, 23/7/15, 19/11/15, 04/02/16, 30/06/16, 20/10/16, 23/02/17, 06/07/17, 13/11/17

Lost Property

The lost property box at the back of church in Llay will be emptied every couple of months.  Please remember to have a look to see if any items belong to you.

Gift Aid Donation

Making your donation using ‘Gift Aid’ enables the parish to reclaim the basic tax rate on your offering, 25p in the pound.

Anyone who pays tax on income or capital gains tax can make a ‘Gift Aid’ donation: i.e. Those people paying tax under PAYE, the self-employed or retired person paying tax on pension.

It doesn’t require a commitment to a certain sum annually, but covers all donations-large or small or regular or one-off.

The Gift Aid may be cancelled at any time by putting it in writing.

DVD/Video/Book Library

John Blackman has offered to raise money for the parish by running a DVD/video/book library.  

If you can donate any DVDs, videos or books, John will put them in the bookcase in the reception part of the Parish Hall in Llay.  Then you can borrow three of them at a time for a small donation of 50p.  John will ensure that the selection is rotated regularly.