St Francis of Assisi - Llay

Christ the King - Rossett

Llay-Rossett Parish Wrexham, North Wales

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The aim of the Property Group is to fulfil our duty to maintain and improve our church properties so that they meet current needs, and are in a suitable state to hand on to the next generation. It is also our aim that the Property Group takes the load away from the Parish priest, who may not have the time or expertise to handle property work.

In consultation with the Parish Priest, jobs are discussed and prioritised, and group members use their individual abilities to either carry out the work themselves, or arrange for contractors to do it.

No one is expected to do more than they are able, willing and competent to do.

The following actions have been completed since March 2014.  This includes actions required by the latest Diocesan Quinquennial inspection report:

 Combi boiler installed in hall

 New dual handrails installed for hall emergency exit

 Corroded iron fitting removed from boiler room wall

 Church boiler condensate pipe insulated and fixed to wall

 Bolt fitted to Ladies hall toilet door

 Hall guttering – slope rectified

Trees trimmed beside hall

 Tap washers replaced in hall kitchen sink and WC

 New handles fitted to presbytery kitchen taps

 Tap washer fitted and toilet flush fixed at rear of church

 Llay church bell supporting beam repainted

 Hall floodlight problem resolved

 Mud removed from drain in Llay car park

 Hard core beside hall raked to below DPC level

It really is the case that many hands make light work, so if you feel willing to help keep our parish buildings in good physical shape, please contact:   

John Fernee, Presbytery or via contact form here